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I will be adding  more to the list as soon as I get some more time. If you are a Meadery, especially an "Elite" one, and would like to be added, please contact me and tell me a bit about your Meadery and send a bottle in for review. I will only be adding better than average Meaderies.

Wessel's Meadery - Forest Grove, Oregon (Oregon's first and only traditional authentic Meadery).

Havill Mazer Meadery -  (the world standard), New Zealand

Heidrun Meadery  - (mĂ©thode champenoise) California

Mountain View Mead - Tasmania

Die Hochland Imker - Austria

Beekman Mead - California

The Meaderies listed below do not qualify for the ELITE LIST, but produce at least one Traditional Mead in addition to their flavored honey wines, "nectars," wines, beers, or spirits, etc.

Kookoolan World Meadery - Yamhill Oregon

Chateau Lorane - Lorane Oregon

Mace Mead Works - Dayton Washington

Haewai Meadery - New Zealand

Bemrose Estate - New Zealand

Sky River Mead - Washington State

Medovina - Colorado

Bartholomews Meadery - Australia

Maine Mead Works - Maine

Munro Mead - Canada

B. Nektar Meadery - Michigan

Warenghem - France

Steinwaelder Hausbrennerei - Germany

Makana Meadery - South Africa

Redstone Meadery - Colorado

Munro Meadery - Canada

Rabbits Foot - California

Moonlight Meadery -  Londonderry, NH

* To qualify for the ELITE LIST, the Meadery has to be a pure, authentic traditional Meadery; it cannot make any flavored "Meads." That means, no herbs, spices, fruit, or other additives outside of some character from barrel aging. These Meaderies are the protectors of the lost craft of  making Pure Mead's in which only the essence of the hive is used (and emphasized). This is what the "Elite" makers do, and they are damn proud of it!