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Hello, I’m Douglas Remington, creator of Traditional Mead. I have been making all things fermented since 1991 (I have been working in the fermentation trade for over 20 years). At the time I was into yeast culturing and had cultured (banking it, plating it out, separating single cells and even creating my own strain) my first yeast before I had even made my first beer! Back then, as far as I know my friend, Kevin and I were the only hobbyists doing such a ridiculous thing here in the Portland Oregon area. Well, I got the bug so to speak, jumped right into all-grain brewing, and then Mead, wine, and ports soon followed. Mead, however still remains my primary fermentation passion.

Long ago I saw a great need to develop the first of its kind website that gives a clear, concise, and scientifically demonstrative method to making the very best Mead possible and am delighted I was able to do that with Traditional Mead, all free to the public at large.

Currently I am the Mead maker for, Wessels Meadery, Kookoolan World Meadery, and practice  consulting services for Meaderies locally and overseas.

For those who are interested, my other activities involve, consulting in thefermentation industries, I teach Mead making classes, I am a professional photographer ( Ethereal Light ), a cyclist, and maintain interest in creating great cuisine, blade-smithing, philosophy, psychology, history, mythology, mysticism, symbolism, and play fingerstyle acoustic and electric guitar.

For all inquiries regarding TRADITIONAL MEAD™ I can be reached via email:

I am more than happy to answer questions as time allows (I am very busy and it could be several days before I get back to you), but I do ask that you read through my website; usually the answer to your question is right there. :) If you have other comments or inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thanks for visiting! Cheers!