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Required Equipment:

You are going to need (for a 5-gallon batch):

• A 6-gallon or larger food-grade plastic bucket (NEVER use non-food-grade) or 6 gallon or larger glass or better bottle carboy for your primary fermenter

• A five-gallon secondary glass or better bottle carboy

• A triple scale hydrometer

• A racking cane or auto siphon

• six feet of food-grade 3/8 inch plastic tubing

• A bottle filler

• A floating or long probe thermometer

• An airlock and rubber stopper for both the primary and secondary fermenter

Star-San or Iodophor sanitizer

• A long handle spoon

• A stick-on LCD thermometer for the primary fermenter

• Wine corker to install corks into wine bottles (some homebrew shops will also rent you a corker). Or a beer bottle capper if putting into beer bottles.

You can get all of these items in a Mead Starter Kit, which gives you a package discount. I recommend this starter kit for beginners.

Taking it to the next level:

When you find you really like this hobby, some things to consider for an upgrade would be:

• A quality pH Meter

• A small digital scale (scales are much more accurate than using volumes for measurement)

• A pure oxygenation system or aquarium pump airation system.

• A large stainless conical fermenter from Blichmann Engineering or MoreBeer

• A kegging system is very nice as well; ah yes, Mead on tap!