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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Elegance, the Mead I made for, Kookoolan World Meadery, Just won a silver Medal for semi sweet Traditional Mead at the 2014 Mazer cup. The Mazer Cup is the worlds largest Mead Competition. After one sip, you'll see why I named it, Elegance!

available at Mainbrew , ABV, and other fine bottle shops!



UPDATE. Just for clarification, I have been getting folks asking me about "my latest batch of Elegance" from Kookoolan. The 2015 Elegance from Kookoolan is not my Mead and is not the same stuff; I did not make it nor had anything to do with it whatsoever. I do not make Mead for Kookoolan any longer. The only way to be sure that the bottle of Elegance that you have found anywhere is the Original product that I have made is if it is signed by me and purchased through