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Thursday, July 25, 2013

The release of Elegance

This Friday, July 26 from 4-7pm. Come on by for the official release and tasting of: Elegance. A sweet/semi sweet traditional mead I made for Kookoolan World Meadery. This Mead is very diverse and pares well with many types of food.

Filtering Elegance

  Here we are getting ready to crossflow filter the latest release of Traditional Mead at Kookoolan World Meadery. This type of filtration is hands down the best. It is the softest on the wine and a gas-purged completely enclosed system. They aren't cheap. This unit is seventy five thousand US dollars. Boy does it work awesome! Crystal clear product and if you have residual sugar you don't have to worry about bottles blowing up in your consumer's faces! The official release for this mead is Friday July, 26 at