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Friday, February 22, 2013

The Wessels Meadery

This is Joe and myself. He's starting a new Traditional Meadery (Wessels) in Western Oregon. And I am their consulting mead maker in addition to making Mead for kookoolan as well. Behind us is a new 9 barrel dual-zoned jacket (glycolized) fermenter made to my specs and allows me to precisely control the zones of temperature.  Mead made properly does require some specialty equipment that differs from wineries and breweries. The Wessels are all for doing it right, which means the Meads will all be cold fermented and processed with world class honey. They will be adding several more of these soon in addition to other gear. BTW, if you plan on starting a Meadery in Washington county Oregon, you might want to reconsider, it is not easy. Yamhill County is a lot more friendly to businesses such as this type (and others). More later. Cheers!