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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Mead: "A long time."

Mead has a reputation of taking forever to ferment, age, and be ready to drink. Many Mead makers say that their Mead does not taste good for at least several years. There are many reasons for this.

1: The yeast was not handled correctly (hydrated and fed).

2: The wrong strain of yeast was chosen.

3: Not enough yeast was used or it was outdated.

4: The Mead was not given the proper amount and type of nutrients, or added at the correct times.

5: Poor quality honey was used (just like quality grapes make quality wine).

6: The Mead must was boiled or pasteurized.

7: The Mead was fermented at the wrong temperature and or inconsistent temperature.

8: The pH of the must was not addressed and the yeast became stressed and produced off flavors.

If you follow my directions you can make a Mead that is delicious in just a few short months. I brought some of my Mead to Leon Havill, of Havill's Mazer Meadery in New Zealand it was less than 5 months old. Leon is THE Mead God and has been doing it the longest. Here is what he had to say about my mead: 

“It was a pleasure to taste some Authentic Mead from the USA, it was excellent almost too good to be true - we could hardly believe our taste buds. Over the years we have tasted many American offerings a lot of fruit wine with added honey labeled '' Mead '' which it is clearly not. It is great to find someone who has taken the time to produce some very, very good Authentic Mead. You appear to have the skills so get out there and sweep these would be if they could be Mead makers right off the shelf with a quality product.” – Leon Havill, Havill's Mazer Mead Company, Rangiora, New Zealand.