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Saturday, January 14, 2012


Oh my gosh Droogs, I just bottled my, Dwójniak! A Dwójniak is the Polish name Mead that is made with equal parts honey and water. This particular one was just a 10 gallon batch. I aged it for 4 years before bottling. In this 10 gallon batch I used 81 pounds of honey which consisted of 40#'s of Fireweed honey. 40#'s of Orange blossom honey, and 1# of buckwheat honey. It is 21% ABV and is simply divine! To put into perspective. Most traditional Meads use between 2.5 - 3 pounds honey per gallon. This baby got 8.1 pounds per gallon!

Tasting notes include: Honey, honey dew, apricot, pear, apple, melon, rose petals, sherry, orange and fireweed blossom, beeswax, vanilla, cinnamon and spice, and is somewhat icewine-like.

No, I do not ever enter my Meads in contest on principle, but soon you can try a similar Mead I made for a commercial Meadery. I do consulting, and right now I have taken the reigns as head Mead-Maker at a commercial Meadery (the owner is still very active in the process, I handle the technical stuff, most of recipe development, and the heavy labor). We are making some really good stuff. I will share more about this in the near future.

More later my friends...