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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Mead Review: Steinwaelder Hausbrennerei Schraml, MET.

Meadery: Steinwaelder Hausbrennerei Schraml

Name of Mead: MET.

Type of Mead: Off-dry traditional Mead - Met

Old/new world: Old World.

ABV: 15.5

Country: Germany

Region: Bavaria

Vintage: 2009

Bottle size: 750ml

Price: $24.50 usd

Purchased at:

Appearance: Pours clear medium gold, medium intensity, medium rim.

Nose:  Plum brandy, oak, honey, toast, butter,

Palate:  Complex, plum brandy, oak, pear, honey, whisky, medium tannin, warm alcohol but smooth.

Conclusions: This is a unique Mead. The plum brandy and oak does overpower the Bavarian wildflower honey a bit, but it is quite drinkable. The higher abv and oak tannin gives it a nice dry finish. This is a unique Mead that would compliment a nice evening cigar. Difficult to find. I give it a 92.