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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Mead Review: Sky River dry

Meadery: Sky River

Name of Mead: Sky River dry Mead.

Type of Mead: Dry traditional.

Old/new world: New World.

ABV: 10.5

Country: USA

Region: North Cascades,

Vintage: 2009

Price: $14.00 usd

Purchased at: Sky River

Appearance:  Clear, pale gold almost water white, mild intensity, short rim.

Nose:  Sulphites, floral, melons, mild general wildflowers, alcohol, slight acetone and spice.

Palate: Clean, focused, mild honey, mild honey dew, semi sweet, medium alcohol warmth, bright, mildly acidic, and smooth.

Conclusions:  Sky river Meads in general are a bit brighter in acid than many meads; they are more wine like. Sky river Meads also need to be decanted for a half hour because they are sulphited higher than many Meads. This particular mead being on the drier side has more subtle flavors. There is mild honey character and little to no essence of the hive. Over all this is a good everyday mead and a good introduction to a traditional mead. I would score it an 82.