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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Mead review: Die Hochland Imker, Single variety lime blossom

Meadery: Die Hochland Imker

Name of Mead: Single variety lime blossom Mead - Lindenbluten Met.

Old/new world: Old World.

Country: Austria

Region: Falkenstein

Vintage: n/a

Price: $22.00 usd

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Appearance: Clear, pale green/gold, medium intensity, medium rim.

Nose: Floral, Lime blossoms, honey, beeswax and hive.

Palate: Very nice lime blossom, clean, focused, honey, honey dew, medium sweet, and pleasant alcohol warmth.

Conclusions:  This is a world class European Mead. The fragrance of the hive is well balanced with the lime blossom varietal honey. Very easy to drink, in fact, it is hard to not drink too much. Very exotic, and hard to find. I highly recomend. I give this a 98.