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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Mead review: Die Hochland Imker, Single variety lime blossom

Meadery: Die Hochland Imker

Name of Mead: Single variety lime blossom Mead - Lindenbluten Met.

Old/new world: Old World.

Country: Austria

Region: Falkenstein

Vintage: n/a

Price: $22.00 usd

Purchased at:

Appearance: Clear, pale green/gold, medium intensity, medium rim.

Nose: Floral, Lime blossoms, honey, beeswax and hive.

Palate: Very nice lime blossom, clean, focused, honey, honey dew, medium sweet, and pleasant alcohol warmth.

Conclusions:  This is a world class European Mead. The fragrance of the hive is well balanced with the lime blossom varietal honey. Very easy to drink, in fact, it is hard to not drink too much. Very exotic, and hard to find. I highly recomend. I give this a 98.


Mead Review: Steinwaelder Hausbrennerei Schraml, MET.

Meadery: Steinwaelder Hausbrennerei Schraml

Name of Mead: MET.

Type of Mead: Off-dry traditional Mead - Met

Old/new world: Old World.

ABV: 15.5

Country: Germany

Region: Bavaria

Vintage: 2009

Bottle size: 750ml

Price: $24.50 usd

Purchased at:

Appearance: Pours clear medium gold, medium intensity, medium rim.

Nose:  Plum brandy, oak, honey, toast, butter,

Palate:  Complex, plum brandy, oak, pear, honey, whisky, medium tannin, warm alcohol but smooth.

Conclusions: This is a unique Mead. The plum brandy and oak does overpower the Bavarian wildflower honey a bit, but it is quite drinkable. The higher abv and oak tannin gives it a nice dry finish. This is a unique Mead that would compliment a nice evening cigar. Difficult to find. I give it a 92.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

March Mead class

Hey droogs, the March Mead class is three quarters spoken fore, so if you want in, act fast! Email:, or call 503-648-4254!



Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Mead Review: Sky River dry

Meadery: Sky River

Name of Mead: Sky River dry Mead.

Type of Mead: Dry traditional.

Old/new world: New World.

ABV: 10.5

Country: USA

Region: North Cascades,

Vintage: 2009

Price: $14.00 usd

Purchased at: Sky River

Appearance:  Clear, pale gold almost water white, mild intensity, short rim.

Nose:  Sulphites, floral, melons, mild general wildflowers, alcohol, slight acetone and spice.

Palate: Clean, focused, mild honey, mild honey dew, semi sweet, medium alcohol warmth, bright, mildly acidic, and smooth.

Conclusions:  Sky river Meads in general are a bit brighter in acid than many meads; they are more wine like. Sky river Meads also need to be decanted for a half hour because they are sulphited higher than many Meads. This particular mead being on the drier side has more subtle flavors. There is mild honey character and little to no essence of the hive. Over all this is a good everyday mead and a good introduction to a traditional mead. I would score it an 82.


Mead review: Havill's Authentic Medium Manuka Mead

Meadery: Havill's Mazer Meadery

Name of Mead: Havill's Manuka medium.

Old/new world: New World.

Country: New Zealand

Region: Canterbury

Vintage: 2008

Price: Priceless

Purchased at: Brought back personally from Havill Meadery, Rangiora, New Zealand - Aotearoa.

Appearance:  Clear, pale gold, mild intensity, wide rim.

Nose:  Manuka and honey floral, clover, honey vanilla and spice.

Palate: Elegant, nice manuka flavor, honey, cinnamon toast, honey dew, soft clean finish.

Conclusions:  One of the best Meads I have ever had. Very well crafted, perfect balance of sweetness, extremely easygoing down. Would pare with Asian food and curry. I would score this a 97.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Mead University - round two

Unbelievable, the Mead Class sold out in 24 hours with people traveling from out of state to attend! I will be doing another class in March close to the Spring solstice, so if interested call if you want to reserve a spot (this will sell out fast as well!). Moreover, if you would like to put your name down in a waiting list, I will call you if someone has to cancel. Please call  for your reservation - 503-648-4254, or email:



Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Mead Class; buy the drink of love for your loved one this Valentine's day!

I will be conducting a comprehensive Mead class on Saturday February 19 @ 4:00pm PST. The course will be limited to 15 individuals and the cost will be $30.00 each. Included in that price will be a tasting of some fine authentic Meads from around the world. This instruction addresses beginning to very advanced mead making. Expect to stay a couple of hours and please bring a writing pad and pen!

Please, do not bring your homemade Mead for critique. Until the current OLCC ruling pertaining to transportation of homemade alcoholic beverages is changed, we cannot have them on premise. The current law will be changed soon and following that I will be able to evaluate your treasured imbibes - so hang tight! :)

The instructional course will be held at the new super store off of highway 26. The address is: 23596 Clara Lane, Hillsboro OR, 97124.

To reserve your spot please call 503-648-4254, or email: