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Friday, April 23, 2010

A quick word about Sulphites.

Fear not this odd-sounding word. There are few things in this world that are more misunderstood than this element that is used in wine making. Those who believe sulphite is bad or that they are allergic to it, please read on. It is currently in vogue to label your Mead or wine “without added sulphites.” Labeling a Mead or wine with, 'no added sulphites' is simply a marketing gimmick to mislead the uneducated into buying a "purer" product.

Most alcohol-controlling agencies will not allow a professional winery or Meadery to label their product "sulphite-free." Why? Because there is no such thing, there cannot be such a thing, for yeast produce sulphites on their own on an average of 6-10 parts per million (ppm) and sometimes as high as 80ppm. Wineries are aware of which yeast produce these higher levels of sulphites, and will avoid them if they intend to undergo a malo-lactic fermentation, for the higher sulphite content will inhibit this desired effect from occurring in that wine. Many wineries add sulphites from 20-50ppm at bottling time, which much of later vanishes. If you get headaches from wine, especially red wines you are most likely experiencing a histamine reaction (grape skins). If you were truly allergic to sulphites you’d probably end up in a hospital or die if you ate produce from the supermarket.

This is an excerpt from Our Philosophy page, please visit that for more on this.